About Kanium

Kanium is a multi-national gaming community founded by Noctem and Garmon on September 19th 2012 with the arrival of our first member, named Bone. Since that time Kanium has gone through many permutations, ups and downs and at least once shut down entirely only to be resurrected.

One of the defining and strong principles of Kanium that endears it to its members, besides the official values, is free speech and an adult environment. People are expected to know what it means to have adult fun, have adult conversations, be free of any moderation in speech and to comport oneself as a member of a vertebrate species.  The reverse of this, is what the leadership of Kanium likes to call “Princess personalities”.

The hierarchy in Kanium is mostly flat in practice and has been this way for many years. Any officer or ranking roles granted are usually to those valued that take charge and create/do something for Kanium and have free autonomy to make decisions on that basis, including the necessary authority (and responsibility) that comes with such things. However if needs must (a rare occurrence), Kanium is owned by its founding leaders and they have the final say.

Through its history, Kanium has played competitively and with dedication in games such as: Natural Selction 2, Planetside 2, EVE Online, DayZ Epoch, DayZ Standalone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Life is Feudal: Your Own,  Arma 3 and a few others. In those games there have been epic victories and tremendous learning experiences, which have shaped everyone along for the ride and will continue to do so.

In less competitive areas Kanium has also given way to more social or tactical gaming experiences such as: Escape From Tarkov, World of Warcraft, Steel Beasts, Europa Universalis 4, Dungeons & Dragons (the pen & paper variety), Minecraft and others. These games tend to turn out much the same way as those played competitively – with fun found in dedication.

The future? Seeking the next challenge worthy of our attention.