Welcome to Kanium 3.0!

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends…

Welcome to the new Kanium website which sports a complete new array of modern features, services and technology and above all a slick and sexy design!


We will continue to move Kanium forward into modern times and as we modernise, our plans for the future will as well. We continue to learn and grow as a community now with the aid of some very dedicated and brilliant organisers in our ranks; but we wish to reach even further and become better than we were yesterday. Always striving for better than yesterday.


Our new site has the following features:

  • Discord & Teamspeak integration
  • Dedicated game pages
  • New “About us”
  • New ‘News’ feature (you’re looking at it)
  • Frontpage events listings
  • Facebook, wordpress and google+ integration for comments
  • Event templates
  • Portfolios

The following services:

  • Event planning system
  • Calendar integration that allows you to download events directly into your calendar

The following technology:

  • Fully optimised layout that is google-friendly
  • Responsive design (everything reshapes and fits itself to any resolution, including your phone!)
  • Google analytics (Will help us find out how our site is used)
  • Akismet anti-spam
  • Jetpack site stats + more
  • LayerSlider (the fancy graphics slider you see at the top of the website)

Any and all feedback/problems/suggestions can be forwarded to Hatt

We look forward to the future full utilisation of our new home and we hope you are as excited about this shit as we are.

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