The Kanium twitch channel

Guten Tag all,

as some of you might know, we have a twitch channel. This was created in order to establish a bigger media presence for Kanium in order to advertise more for our community. Admittedly this has always been a weak area for us but the twitch channel is one of the first steps in order to improve that.

Right now the Kanium Twitch channel hosts a few Kanium members doing some casual streaming but we still lack people that want to become more serious about it.

Thus i have decided to take the first step and start out with some more serious streaming, starting with 1-2 days per week and testing/building up from there.

Want to help out? Then watch me stream! Any interaction is welcome! Simply letting the stream run in the background to bump up the viewer count will also help attracting more people. I will also appreciate constructive feed back as i surely will be missing things or making mistakes seeing this is also very new for me.


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