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Guten tag everyone,

as announced in the last meeting, we now have an open collective page. Initially we operated with a paypal funding account that would temporarily open up for donations to cover a part of the operational costs of Kanium every few months. The rest was usually supplemented by me or Hatt personally from our own wallets.

After reviewing the situation we decided we wanted to improve Kanium’s financial situation and opted to go for the Open Collective system. Open Collective is a fully transparent funding system with the option to make a single donation or a monthly donation, with a subscription based model. The monthly based plans also offer fun little bonuses depending on what tier you choose.

What is the funds used for?:
– Voice server hosting.
– Website Hosting.
– Server machines and maintenance.
– Excess funds will be used for improving Kanium as a brand or our services.

As always, donations are fully optional. But if you do want to help then any amount is very welcomed. If you would like to donate through alternative ways then feel free to contact me or Hatt. We are also planning to setup a merch store as an additional way to support Kanium and get some sweet goodies at the same time.


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