Kanium WoW Classic update

Hello Everyone,

as you know we will be playing WoW this upcoming August and i have been fairly busy with gathering information and preparing documentation. I have been getting several questions so i have decided to make this little news update.

What faction will we be playing?: We will be playing Horde. This has mainly been decided on a majority preference. We have pretty much played all Alliance for our private server excursions and most of us would appreciate a change of aesthetics at this point.

What server are we going?: We will be going to a PvP server. As for what server we do not know yet as Blizzard has not released server names yet. But rest assured i will let people know when we do hear more from Blizzard about this. Do note our main choice will be for a high population server as that will ensure server longevity too. Blizzards planned layering system at release will also safe us the hassle from long ques and overpopulated zones. Do note that the layering system will NOT be permanent and will be gone before phase 2 starts. Also fuck streamer servers.

What is all this documentation?: Last week i have been gathering information in regards to Talent specs, pre-raid BIS gear, enchants and consumables per class. This is a fuck ton of information that i will need to organize and verify. Now you would think there are already very complete guides out there for the public. But that is sadly not the case.

Hence i’m making our own complete guide. I hope to finish it this week. Documentation in regards to keeping track of our wow related member base has already been readied and simply needs to be filled in now. Same thing for our recruitment adds which will be going up this week.

Will we be figuring out level buddies?: As release gets closer we will be setting up a channel where people can look for a level buddy from within the guild. This is not mandatory but highly encouraged as it’s always more fun to level with a buddy! We also have fairly long time window for getting to lvl 60 compared to other guilds so you got more leeway in regards to time and schedule when it comes to picking a buddy!

That is all for now but expect more news soon!

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