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Kanium WoW Classic update

Hello Everyone, as you know we will be playing WoW this upcoming August and i have been fairly busy with gathering information and preparing documentation. I have been getting several questions so i have decided to make this little news update. What faction will we be playing?: We will be playing Horde. This has mainly […]

Kanium Initial WoW Classic Plans

Okay so these are the things we discussed in the meeting in regards to our initial plans for WoW classic with the guild. – Kanium will once again be aiming to be a highly organized PVE/PVP guild that will be aiming to be in the middle between Casual/hardcore. – Faction to yet be decided on. […]

Open Collective

Guten tag everyone, as announced in the last meeting, we now have an open collective page. Initially we operated with a paypal funding account that would temporarily open up for donations to cover a part of the operational costs of Kanium every few months. The rest was usually supplemented by me or Hatt personally from […]

Kanium Community Meeting

Saturday the 6th of April at 8:30 PM CEST we will be holding a Kanium meeting, This is the first of 3 meetings that we will be holding this year. In this meeting we will be talking about the state of Kanium, what is currently in the works and our plans moving forward with certain […]

Kanium Community Meeting

Saturday the 19th of January at 8:00 PM CET we will be holding a Kanium meeting, it has been a while since our last one.  In this meeting we will be talking about the state of Kanium and our plans moving forward. As always the meeting will be recorded. Click here to check out our […]

The Kanium twitch channel

Guten Tag all, as some of you might know, we have a twitch channel. This was created in order to establish a bigger media presence for Kanium in order to advertise more for our community. Admittedly this has always been a weak area for us but the twitch channel is one of the first steps […]

Kanium Movie Night

Movie night is an old Kanium event which we decided to reintroduce. We come together as a group on Discord and hop on a third party website that syncs up a video of choice for us to watch. General banter and movie critique allowed but don’t overdo it! As for the next movie we are […]

The Kanium funding account

hey all, just putting the word out there for our funding account. The money is needed to make payments for our website, servers, TS3 and so forth. So if you would like to help then feel free to donate. Big or small it’s all welcome. Funding Account: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8637I7Z9Yf That’s all, -Garmon & Hatt

Escape from Tarkov [Recruiting]

Guten tag all, we are currently playing a lot of Escape from Tarkov to experience all the new content that has been patched in. We also started to recruit more people to our ranks for EFT. Note: The game is still in closed beta atm so it’s still under development but the devs add improvements […]

Rainbow Six Siege

Hey guys, as some of you have noticed a lot of us are playing Siege Lately and i would like to extend an invite to the rest of Kanium to join in with the fun! Will this be the next big thing? I have no clue but it supplies the community for some good fun […]