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Rainbow Six Siege

Hey guys, as some of you have noticed a lot of us are playing Siege Lately and i would like to extend an invite to the rest of Kanium to join in with the fun! Will this be the next big thing? I have no clue but it supplies the community for some good fun […]

Kanium playing Conan Exiles

Guten tag all, next week we will be playing Conan Exiles as a group to have some fun. Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the lands of Conan the Barbarian. We start with nothing but our bare hands and have to forge the legacy of the Kanium clan and Garuman The Black. […]

EFT 20% discount

Tarkov is on a 20% discount and will be available from February 23, 2018 till 23:50 MSK of February 25, 2018. Go to   Store page: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page    

Arma III on sale

Getting ready for the ArmA Tank DLC, but don’t own ArmA? Good news, its on sale for $13 USD this week! http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/Arma_3/

The week of Tarkov

Guten tag all, next week we will be playing a lot of Escape from Tarkov to experience all the new content that has been patched in. We will be playing as a squad so this will be interesting for people that enjoy playing something in an organized fashion. Note: The game is still in closed […]

Donate to the cause!

Guten tag everyone, We will be opening up donations again as the end of the year is approaching.  We will be trying to meet  the target for the entirety of 2018 which is 590 Euro. The donations will be used for the following: Website hosting Teamspeak Server The primary way to donate will be paypal […]