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Blurring the borders of fiction into reality: “The Bear’s Gambit”

“…their nations stand divided and the UN is paralyzed. Anything that they might try to push through, can be blocked by either us or the Chinese. And the Chinese, like us, haven’t forgotten the western UN abuse in Libya. Like the League of Nations was, the UN is a toothless and weak old man, run by corrupt fools. And it is one that will be put out to pasture when the time is right. We will secure the next buffers in three to four years as planned, barring any unforeseen events. And then we are secure from the west”

Comrades, we stand now at the edifice of our Russian legacy in this latest Kanium Steel Beasts event. History has so far transpired in a loose illusionary fashion with little regard for the actuality of our circumstances; this will now be corrected in 2018 by the might and glorious plans of our beloved president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

In our modern times, reality seems to shimmer and flicker with a story that is so attuned to actual past- and current events, that several people have already remarked how unsettling it is.

This is because the beautifully crafted narrative, by Nike-Ajax and ShortNSweet respectively, is an effort to push the experience of Steel Beasts to something that we hope, is a lot more close to home in order to increase the immersion and fun. The event comes with an comprehensive background story from 1975 Leningrad to the present day, propaganda imagery and believable dialogue – some of it real, some if it..questionable? Perhaps? All of this has been put into a context of the current difficulties experienced in Ukraine, as well as past events that lead up to this moment.

We invite you all to join us in, as aptly named, “The Bear’s Gambit”

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Kanium: Steel Beasts New Years Special 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades, friends and fellow Kanes! Welcome to the 2017, Kanium Steel Beasts New Years Special!

Soon 2018 will be here and most people will shoot off fireworks to celebrate that. We will too, we just have slightly different fireworks in mind.

The year is 2017, or is it 1984? The lines begin to blur as the story of history unfolds in this latest awesome and ambitious event from the sterling ranks of Kanium. In it, we aim to take participants through the intense and heavy task of facing down the vast armies of the Soviet Union, as they thunder across the European landscape during a potential nuclear crisis, almost waiting to happen. It will be a fight that requires everyone to be on their toes, do their duty and think fast. As the mission text describes:

“…every man and vehicle counts, because the battle will not be over anytime soon”

The event has been crafted with great care and effort, having a fully fledged background story, clear orders and enough material to last for many hours of gameplay. Gameplay we want to share with you all. It is for this reason we, Kanium, would like to invite each and every one of you to join us and see what its like to play “survive the onslaught of the horde”, but with tanks instead of zombies. Oh yes, it will be Epic!

Event calendar entryhttp://www.kanium.org/event/kanium-new-years-special-long-scenario-4-6-hours/

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Sign up today!

Finally, on behalf of all the wonderful members of Kanium, to the people we call our friends, family, brothers and sisters in arms and in life: Merry Yule/Christmas & a Happy New Years to all of you!