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Antistasi extravaganza!

August 11, 2018 @ 20:00 - 23:00 CEST

*An unshaven, aviator-wearing man, who looks like hes trying to cosplay a civilian by being Overtly “normal” in the most cringe-worthy kind of way, sidles up to you and slaps a propaganda flyer into your hand with considerable suddenness. The flyer has “Join The Resistance (we’re working on the name)”  written on the front of it, then the man hurriedly sidles to the next person and repeats the action*


Good folk of Kanium and friends of Kanium! Lend me your ears! Altis has been invaded by the pesky good guys imperialist dogs and I would like to invite you all to the latest in resistance-fighter warfare: Antistasi for Arma 3, on Altis. Where we will take on the role of a small, newly formed and yet-to-be-named resistance fighters group, which will seek to aid and convert free our brothers and sisters of Altis, and fight those that impose the protection very very horrible and oppressive occupation of BLUFOR on our people.

There will be guns, there will be car bombs, there will be rescue attempts, high speed chases, horrible crashes, bullets flying everywhere and screams of unprecedented girlish terror!

ARE YOU WITH US?! *slaps rifle into your hands*


In more serious terms, I (Hatt) want to give Antistasi for Arma 3 a whirl and I have managed to set it up on the Kanium server, tested it briefly and confirmed that it works. So now I want to know if any of you are interested in playing with me. You will not just be given a chance to have fun being a little terrorist *cough* I mean freedom fighter, but you will also have a say in what mods, if any, we will put on the server besides Antistasi as well as having a say in how and when we will run this game going forward, provided enough people are interested.

This first session is set for Saturday evening at 18:00 UTC, to allow non-Europeans to participate as well. I will take charge of the resistance movement, so in order for this to not be a completely flaming failure it is your duty to make sure I am well informed before I order us to gleefully run into a given direction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please RSVP with me on Discord (ie. Tell me if you’re interested and want to come along for the event). Any ideas/input are of course welcome, as I am completely new to this game mode.


August 11, 2018
20:00 - 23:00
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