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Operation Totalize

December 3, 2017 @ 17:00 - 19:30 CET

Tactical map

Game Rules/Info

  • Default Kanium modlist.
  • Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

Since our last operation, the ALF has began a massive campaign of insurgency operations all across Altis. Using our recent engagement at the bridge that not only can NATO forces be defeated, but that AAF forces cannot operation effectively without NATO assistance. Over the last week, ALF forces have began capturing key locations across the island IOT generate public support as well as show on a international scale, their strength and cohesion. The Altis government has requested full support from all current NATO forces on the ground to assist in re-taking control of the island.

The ALF’s recent offensive has been effective but all draining. They are currently spread thin with only a few strong points around the island. Their aim is to gain public support and drawing on the local populace for recruiting while they are fortifying key captured zones (Crossroads, industrial, and towns). They are equipped with various small are of the AK family, as well as HMGs, possible AT Guns, as well as RPGs of an unknown variant. They are also known to have mortar detachments working in support of major operations. There was also a recent combat report from a AAF platoon of being engaged by T-34-85 tanks which we believe to have been taken from an vehicle depot hit during the early hours of the attack. A number of APCs and IFVs were also taken, but the AAF have yet to release an official number. Their morale is high and are estimated at 90% strength.

NATO forces on the island continue to hold ground and have not been directly attacked, however, the enemy conducted a mortar barrage of Altis Airport and cratered the airstrip restricting support to VTOL aircraft. FOB Kanium, while not under direct threat is currently cut-off ground-wise to the Airport as well as Division, however, radio communication has been established. Local AAF forces have been hit hard and are currently going into a defensive posture and ceasing offensive operation while they regroup. They have agreed however to hold any ground NATO forces secure. An Armoured Platoon, Kilo 3, has recently been deployed FOB Kanium to reinforce and support operations since the show of strength by the ALF at the bridge. NATO forces within the Med region are currently in a holding pattern while the UN is trying to define and intervene in the region.

Team Kanium will began offensive operations to clear local area of ALF forces IOT create a known FEBA as well as support AAFs NLT 2000hrs local time.

Planning will be conducted on the ground by Plt Comd and SLs.

Organic, will resupply from FOB logistics. Estimated time to sustain operations before critical ammo shortage: 14 Days

Command: KILO-6, KILO-11, KILO-12
Signal: Freq 50 (PLT), 100 (KILO 11), 200 (KILO 12)

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December 3, 2017
17:00 - 19:30
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