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Ops Fassberg

May 11 @ 18:00 - May 12 @ 01:00 CEST


Tactical map


Game Rules/Info

  • KANIUM Friday 11th of May 1700 UTC “Ops Fassberg” By Major Duck, SnS and Swordsmandk
  • Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
  • Everybody is Welcome you don’t have to belong to kanium
  • The next 6 hours session from Kanium , be there or lose out :roll:
  • World clock 1600UTC on the 11th of May


Ops Fassberg
by Major Duck, SnS and Swordsmandk

Ops Fassberg is the Bde Defence effort in the area of Fliegerhorst Fassberg east of Witzendorff. 1 PzG Bde in Defence against 20 Guards Combined Arms Army (20 GDCAA) elements attacking towards the west.


20 Guards Combined Arms Army (20 GDCAA) has been attacking west from Uelzen for the past 72 hours, attempting to seize NATO REFORGER logistic facilities in BREMEN and the port of BREMERHAVEN. The Soviets have pressed NATO hard and although have achieved limited breakthroughs of less than Regimental strength, they have failed to exploit these and are currently in HASTY DEFENCE, conducting replenishment, prior to continuing their offensive.

Two main Course of Actions CoA have been identified.CoA-1 going north of Highway 7 (HWY7), direction Wiedel-Munster, and CoA-2 going from south of HWY 7, direction Uelzen-Fassberg.

CoA-2 is being lead by 14 Guards Motor Rifle Division (14 GD MRD) first echelon comprising 40th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment (40 GD MRR) with 55 Guards Tank Regiment (55 GD TR) as second echelon forces. Intelligence estimates 40 GD MRR at 70% CE while 55 GD TR is at 80% CE. Lead units are currently engaged near Gerdau but are continuing their advance towards Fassberg Fliegerhorst.

Units consistent with both Motor Rifle Regiments and Tank Regiments have been observed including large tank formations with mobile Air Defence support. Enemy air forces in the area have been hit hard and Air Parity has been achieved, however, it is likely that Army Aviation and Divisional Air Landing units will continue to support 20 GDCAA Advance West.


Our Brigade, 1 PzG Bde, is currently engaged in the area around Fliegerhorst Fassberg Military Airport with enemy forces taking control of GERDAU 1 hour ago.
3 (UK) Div to the south and the Danish Division or the North have taken significant casualties, but they too have held the Soviets along the along 84 and 86 eastings respectively.

Our Bde has been in the fight the last 3 days. We are being attacked by 20 GD MRD, who are seeking to STRIKE into the flank of 2 XXX and DISRUPT NATO Reinforcement capability by SEIZING the logistic facilities in BREMEN and the port of BREMERHAVEN.

1 PzG Bde is setting up defences IVO Fassberg City, Müden and Witzendorf.
You are part of 14 Pz Bn (mixed) assigned as the 1 PzG Bde RESERVE with a BPT mission to conduct Counter Attack (CA) against Soviet Adv. Your BG took significant casualties in the past 72 hours and you are just finishing replenishment tasks in the Bn Admin Area (Bn AA) STAHL. The Bn comprises 3 x Tk Companies & 1 PzGr Coy. 1 x Tk Coy 1 x PzGr Plt has been detached to 16 Jager Bn.
II. Mission
Act as Bde RESERVE. BPT conduct rapid CA within boundaries against 14 GD MRD IOT DELAY any Adv west.

Attachments and Detachments


1 Tank Coy to 16th Jager BTN

1 AI PLT to 16th Jager BTN

Commander’s Evaluation



Concept of Operations

Tasks/Missions to Manoeuvre Units

Key Tasks
1. BPT conduct rapid CA against Soviet forces within 1 PzG Bde boundaries;
2. BPT DEFEND CL60 Crossing sites along PL BERTA within boundaries;
4. BPT Conduct RIP with 1 US XXX elements.

End State
1. Soviet Adv halted within boundaries for at least 24 hours
2. All CL 60 crossing points along River ORTZE within boundaries SECURE.
4. RIP with 1 US XXX elements conducted.
5. 14 PzG Bn fit for further operations

Tasks/Missions to Combat Support Units

1 PzG Bde can spt 14 PzG Bn with 3 x 6 tube 155mm missions. In addition, 14 PxG Bn has its own organic fires, 6x 120mm mortars.

Coordinating Instructions


Support Concept

Material and Services

Service & Support
1. Each PzG Company maintains 1x Supply truck.
2. 14 PzG Forward Spt Plt includes 2x additional supply trucks, 1x repair team, and 1x medical team.

Medical Evacuation and Hospitalisation


Civil-Military Cooperation



Command, Control, and Communications

Task Force: 26000
A COY: 28500
B COY: 31000
C COY: 33500


Command & Signal
Sucession of Command: HQ-66, HQ OPS, A11, B11, C11



May 11 @ 18:00
May 12 @ 01:00
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