• Kanium troops on the prowl

    One of our earliest Arma 3 custom mission adventures, using Finnish gear (including vodka)

  • First Kanium squad photo

    A small commemorative squad photo of the first time we set foot in Apocalypse’s custom made Kanium central

  • The full Kanium!

    Hatt posing nonchalantly in full recon gear in Kanium central, courtesy of Zaphod’s expert photography instructions

Arma 3 Schedule

Simulation Sunday


Operation Blue Skull

Every Sunday    1530 – 1800 UTC

[Summer Time  -1 Hour  1430 – 1700 UTC]

Don’t forget to check the Arma 3 FAQ and Mods List on the Kanium web-site to make sure you are up to date.

Please put your name on the manning list in the Kanium Forum Arma Mission Schedule before the scheduled date.

Arma 3 Info

Basic info

Kanium applies itself to different levels- and types of Arma 3 experiences, mostly by the gracious efforts of its members. We strive for a fun experience first and formost, while exercising our values in tandem. Our wish is that you come and enjoy this experience with us!


We know mods in Arma 3 are a bitch to keep track of, so we’ve compiled a standard mod preset that will get you everything you need to play with us, in one go.

Kanium common mod preset: Download    (Last updated: 04-04-2018)

How to Install Mods : http://www.kanium.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=4347

Other mods sometimes used

  1. Canadian Armed Forces
  2. Kunduz, Afghanistan
  3. 3CB BAF Weapons
  4. 3CB BAF Equipment
Arma 3 FAQ

When approaching Kanium in Arma 3, people sometimes have questions and we don’t like questions (joking), so we try to preempt the most common ones by providing some answers to them below.

What in-game communication does Kanium use ?

We use Task Force Arrowhead Radio (aka Task Force Radio; aka TFAR) connected through our TeamSpeak voip server.

TFAR simulates multi-channel short- and long-range battlefield radios. It emulates signal distortion caused by distance and terrain masking (buildings, trees and hills).

TFAR is one of the Kanium Preset Mods, which includes a plug-in for your Teamspeak client. We have two short pdf docs to help you set-up TFAR and a YouTube video showing how to set the in-game radio frequency.

TFAR Installation (pdf) and TFAR Key-bindings (pdf): http://www.kanium.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=4347

TFAR Frequency in-game set up (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=fp-lDncbxv0

In-game communication frequencies should be set immediately at mission start by each player.
SR: Armoured  – Ch.1 – 100 MHz
SR: Dismounts – Ch.2 – 200 MHz
LR: Armoured and IFV – Ch.1 – 50 MHz
LR: Spotter / Observer – Ch.2 – 55 MHz
LR: JATAC / Aircraft    – Ch.3 – 60 MHz

Does Kanium have an in-game uniform ?

Yes, we do have a uniform (and a standard weapon/item loadout), this helps distinguish friends on the battlefield.

You can put this uniform into your Arma 3 Arsenal by copying the code linked below and using the IMPORT option;  http://www.kanium.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=116&p=14444#p14444

Do Kanium Infantry players have a standard gear load-out ?

Yes, listed here is the standard loadout for all players.

  • Any rifles and auto rifles which have 5.56mm ammo
  • Battle Load will be: 10 Mag, 10 40mm HE (Team- and Squad-Leaders) 2x M63 Frag, 2x White Smoke
  • Minimum 3x First Aid Kit
  • Team- and Squad-Leaders will carry long-range radio PRC-1523G ASIP
  • All personnel will carry PRC 152 short range radio
  • All personnel will carry GPS, Watch, Map & Compass

 How do Kanium Arma players keep in touch ?

Keep an eye on the Arma 3 group on both the Kanium web-site and the Kanium forum. Here you will see discussions and details of upcoming events and games.

We also have a Steam Group – Kanium ARMA – which you are welcome to join, and we would invite you to send a Steam FRIEND request to one of the existing Arma players.  This makes it easy to find our game servers when joining a game.

There is also a Kanium Arma 3 Unit which you can join (the link is in the Basic Info tab above) – your reward for this is you get to wear the cool Kanium Team Patch in Arma games !

At this time we do not have a dedicated server, but we do ensure game servers are up and running before the scheduled time to give you time to check you have the latest mod list and your character is equipped for the mission.

Can I Drive / Gun / Command a tank ?

Our games are based on combined-arms teams – i.e. we include a Tank unit and Mechanised Infantry Teams.  Please be aware that the number of vehicles is limited and you may end-up multi-crewing  some vehicles.

When we post the mission schedule details on the Kanium Forum, that will include a manning list.  Please reply to the post and ask for a position in a vehicle before the scheduled date of the event – if you join at the last minute without notice, you may find the choice of vehicle crew slots is limited (but we will always strive to find you a position in the game).