• Kanium troops on the prowl

    One of our earliest Arma 3 custom mission adventures, using Finnish gear (including vodka)

  • First Kanium squad photo

    A small commemorative squad photo of the first time we set foot in Apocalypse’s custom made Kanium central

  • The full Kanium!

    Hatt posing nonchalantly in full recon gear in Kanium central, courtesy of Zaphod’s expert photography instructions

Arma 3 Schedule

Simulation Sunday


Operation Blue Skull

Every Sunday    1530 – 1800 UTC

[Summer Time  -1 Hour  1430 – 1700 UTC]

Arma 3 Info

Kanium applies itself to different levels- and types of Arma 3 experiences, mostly by the gracious efforts of its members. We strive for a fun experience first and formost, while exercising our values in tandem. Our wish is that you come and enjoy this experience with us!