• Carrack

    Large exploration ship

  • Redeemer

    Large salvaging ship

  • Constellation: Andromeda class

    Medium sized multipurpose exploration ship

Star Citizen Schedule

Star Citizen Info

Basic info

Star Citizen is a large crowdfunded game in development, which Kanium intends to partake in. We already have several ships, including a community Rear Admiral package.

We intend to begin our endeavours with exploration and develop from there into whatever comes natural to us.


We try to keep a record of all the ships in potentia within Kanium. This helps us not just plan for the future, but also helps us organise.


  • Ship type 1 [link]
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  • Ship type 2 [link]
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  • Ship type 3 [link]
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Star Citizen FAQ

When approaching Kanium about Star Citizen, people sometimes have questions and we don’t like questions (joking), so we try to preempt the most common ones by providing some answers to them below.

Q: blah blah blah blah?

A: blah blah blah!

Q: blah blah! blah blah blah?