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Basic info

At present, Kanium is among the largest and most active Virtual Units (VU) in the entire Steel Beasts community, regularly hosting events of 30+ participants. We apply ourselves diligently to the task of creating both fun and intense milsim experiences, with the right mix of authenticity and openness to even the most inexperienced tanker. But it doesn’t stop there, we also realise that lowering your fresh dainty arse into the manly seat of a tank simulator can be overwhelming and so we also offer training sessions where we have professionals (yes, professionals) help getting people up to speed.


For those of you that can still sit down and read (lets face it, its a dying skill), Kanium works to provide tutorials and material to multiple aspects of Steel Beasts for people of different levels of experience; from the giggling imbecile to the grizzled warrior of old.


  1. Tutorial 1 – link
  2. Tutorial 2 – link
  3. Tutorial 3 – link
Steel Beasts FAQ

When approaching Kanium in Steel Beasts, people sometimes have questions and we don’t like questions (joking), so we try to preempt the most common ones by providing some answers to them below.

Q: blah blah blah blah?

A: blah blah blah!

Q: blah blah! blah blah blah?